frames may not be received

I have only encountered this in very rare cases, but sometimes the received video cannot be played.

Some of them are receiving multiple videos from the same source with the same Transport and are being received successfully at the same time.

Checking the status of inbound-rtp, I found that framesReceived remained at 0 and did not increase, and retransmittedBytesReceived and bytesReceived had the same value.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should look into next?
Could be this same problem.

Isn’t it strange that the received numbers are growing rather smoothly while the rates are showing as 0? Something seems to be wrong in the calculations.

It is interesting to note that the server was outputting the following logs near the time of the problem.

[2024-01-18T00:04:06Z WARN  mediasoup::worker] [id:0611cce4-c14c-4408-a957-086cc0f1933f] RTC::RtpStream::UpdateSeq() | bad sequence number, ignoring packet [ssrc:3004310925, seq:6982]
[2024-01-18T00:04:06Z WARN  mediasoup::worker] [id:0611cce4-c14c-4408-a957-086cc0f1933f] RTC::RtpStreamRecv::ReceiveRtxPacket() | invalid RTX packet [ssrc:3004310925, seq:6982]