Audio Quality

Hello, I been using mediasoup as a mediaserver for my project (Live Streaming Events) but there are background noises, echos and this sounds are unpleasing for the hearing side, is there any ways to solve this problem with mediasoup, thanks in advance

This has nothing to do with mediasoup since mediasoup does no audio or video processing whatsoever.

Typical WebRTC implementation has both echo cancellation and noise suppression built-in, use it.

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You can try searching for Web Audio APIs filters to remove environment noise. I remember seeing some promising libraries/solutions that could be used before uploading by audio producers.

The other solution is to process the audio server side by piping it, processing it and routing it after.

Look at this:


Are all supported by the browsers, some may or may not be allowed but you can still pass the parameters when opening the audio device. You can set channelCount. This is done 100% client side, server side processing is expensive in these regards…

Additionally, audio realm is not perfect, many users have issues with daily audio driving. It’s not the norm to have professional studio recording gear and to that, some filters exist for user on client side but overall leave quality up to the user and the client. If it’s bad, they’ll upgrade their setup or leave no big deal…

This is non mediasoup related.