Uneven audio

Sometimes we experience uneven audio from some participants. The level goes up and then down without any user’s action.

For example you can hear it in this stream (just listen for a a minute or so): The Legal Bunch w/ Viva Frei, Nate the Lawyer, Hoeg Law, Uncivil Law and more! - YouTube

I think it has nothing to do with mediasoup, but I don’t really know. May be it’s a configuration problem or something else.

I don’t know whether this particular speaker selected to use chrome auto levels etc or not.

What do you guys think? Is it something we can control or not?

Thank you!

Did you disable automatic gain control to prevent mic level being changed by OS/browser?

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I agree with Nazar! By default browsers may use these options:

  1. Echo Cancellation
  2. Auto Gain Control
  3. Noise Suppression (if supported)

I’d play with these settings/let user have control over them.

We let users change those settings, so I don’t really know if they changed it or not.

Do you think this is the most likely cause of this effect?

Is there any downside if we do not allow people to change it and just always enable it?

Yup it’d be the cause for it most times, that’s if you aren’t doing anything to the audio server-sided.

Is there any downside if we do not allow people to change it and just always enable it?
Always ENABLED will be fine for many user cases but if you fail to offer the options those with pro-audio gear would get quite upset with you so I’d always offer them.

You can expect this varying setup between users can cause some users to not be heard if they’re overly echoing. This is echo cancellations purpose; noise suppression isn’t supported on all browsers but will hide your fan sounds. The auto gain control will make quiet users sound much louder. Have fun.

Thank you!

It’s about making users sound best in their situation! :slight_smile:
No problem.