Bandwidth Insight - Moving from Lynckia

My app is a screen share and some audio share. Screens are 2048x1960@2FPS
5 producers (5 shares some on same client)
100 consumers (only 1 stream per consumer)

I need svc so IOS phones on bad networks don’t downgrade the group.

Am I on an ok path with mediasoup?
Will I be able to scale beyond my current useage?

Thank you for your guidance

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What’s exactly the question? From what I got mediasoup will provide you the tools to get the job done. There’s scaling APIs that you can use too.


Any insight…
Slow Frame rate is ok?
Bandwidth seems reasonable for a simple implementation?
SVC is doable?

Yours seems more like a question for a paid consultant, sorry. BTW you have here [*] some numbers.


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That is excellent information. TY

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