Building an SFU NodeJS server and Integrating with Flutter

I’m looking for some help on building and integrating a mediasoup SFU server with my Flutter application.

The goal is to build a few to many video application. This will also require multiple rooms/chats, so control over who gets which Audio/Video would be necessary. Scaling would also be needed, as this would need to support a large number of users (multiple rooms with many viewers in each room).

I’ve installed and deployed the sample SFU server website, but can use help making sense of it, customizing it to my needs, and integrating it with my Flutter application. If you can help with deployment and maintenance of the servers, that’s a plus.

Please reach out for more details or information regarding compensation.

Hi @suhaib

I’m Muhammad Salar Khan our team has developed a mediasoup based solution for online teaching. I have 4+ years of WebRTC experience under my belt, I believe I can help you with what you’re trying to achieve.

Lets have a chat, you can reach me out on “

Muhammad Salar Khan

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