c++ client Fatal error in: - -/. ./media/engine/adm_helpers.cc, line 39

I am trying to use libmediasoupclient to broadcast video from headless device. I am getting below error when I use mediasoup-broadcaster-demo

user@box1-wxx:~/project/mediasoup/mediasoup-broadcaster-demo$sudo SERVER_URL-https: //v3demo.mediasoup.org: 4443 ROOM_ID-e3qehudg
[DEBUG] mediasoupclient: : Initialize() | mediasoupclient v3.4.0
[INFO] welcome to mediasoup broadcaster app!
[INFO] verifying that room ‘e3gehudg’ exists.
[INFO] found roome3gehudg
TINFO] Broadcaster: :Start ( )
Fatal error in: - -/. ./media/engine/adm_helpers.cc, line 39
last system error: 88
Check failed: 0 - adm->Init() (0 vs. -1)
Failed to initialize the ADM.Aborted
0 3

I searched the error for many hours and it does not seem I can find the right track to follow. Any help, tips would be very much appreciated.

Also I am wondering if I have other client option that I can use better than libmediasoupclient. I was thinking to use ffmpeg.sh and capture the video using openCV, but not sure if this would be good quality and performance. Please advise.

Thanks very much!

The error is from the libwebrtc, not mediasoup. It means that the audio module initialization failed. System error 88 is “Socket operation on non-socket”. Most probably it cannot connect to the audio server socket: either the server is not started or incorrectly configured.

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@snnz thank you. you opened my eyes to a different directions that I may need to investigate first. keep you posted!

I am not going anywhere with this. If anyone has some ideas or tips to dig deeper would appreciate it very much.

Hi, Did you solve your problem? It happened to me too.