when running mediasoup-broadcaster-demo crash

I compile mediasoup-broadcaster-demo use mac succefully. But i run it crash.

command line:
SERVER_URL=https://v3demo.mediasoup.org ROOM_ID=broadcaster Debug/broadcaster

I modify code in broadcaster main.cpp below:

Crash line:
auto response = nlohmann::json::parse(r.text);

Crash info below:
localhost:build machine$ SERVER_URL=https://v3demo.mediasoup.org ROOM_ID=broadcaster Debug/broadcaster

welcome to mediasoup broadcaster app!

verifying that room ‘broadcaster’ exists…
libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type nlohmann::detail::parse_error: [json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at line 1, column 1: syntax error while parsing value - invalid literal; last read: ‘<’
Abort trap: 6

So don’t change it. Why did you change it?

BTW this is not a bug in libmediasoupclient. Please try to develop your own code instead of modifying existing demo apps.

Thank you for you reply. I run ok now. First Have an room,name is broadcast. If After broadcast demo run auto create a room is all right.
Can broad demo achieve it?
If broad demo exit, Chrome also can see the people.Broad demo not tell mediasoup server i has exit.

It’s just a demo to show a specific use case, not a full designed application. We won’t invest so much time on it. Consider it a proof of concept.

Thank you for your reply. I compile it on windows successfully.But Has some bug compare of mac.

Definitely we just built it in Mac. It may need changes in Linux and Windows indeed.

Thanks. If you provide us some details we may come to a fix, if needed.

on windows,stop must be crash and cannot send audio

I’m afraid that comment provides zero valid input for us.