Can mediasoup preserve the across networked producers/consumers?

Hello forum, I think I have confused myself again. :wink:

Is it possible for mediasoup to preserve the original track ID of the producing peer’s mediastreamtrack, when it is received at the consuming peer’s consumer?

My hope is to create a video track, send it to mediasoup, and the remote peer have the ID of my video track as it appears to me.

Currently, my setup doesn’t seem to preserve the ID. This could of course be something I am doing incorrectly. I could of course just do this over signaling, but for some reason I had it in my head that preserving the ID was expected mediasoup behavior.


Keeping sender’s in receiver side is one of the worst decisions in WebRTC. It’s no longer valid when renegotiation happens, etc. You should not try to do that at all, and of course mediasoup and mediasoup-client avoid that.

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