Candidate doesn't pairing Windows10

Hello, first thanks for mediasoup!
I got a problem, I installed mediasoup server and app local, then I started it by npm start
If I switch on forceTcp all will work well, but If I change to udp I can’t get candidate pair with succeeded. I also checked candidate(local and remote) and it’s right.
I switched off firewall and I checked udp port is available! Thanks for response anyway

This has been explained many times in this forum. Browsers do not accept UDP ICE candidates. They do not try to connect to them.

Hm, when I changed config that part

listenIps :
        ip          : process.env.MEDIASOUP_LISTEN_IP || 'myIpHereNotLocalhost',
        announcedIp : process.env.MEDIASOUP_ANNOUNCED_IP

It started to work. Sorry for inconvenience. And thanks a lot!

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