stream over tcp and server over nat

Hello everyone, my mediasoup server over nat and use announceIp, that’s scheme is working great when I get traffic over udp, but If I change on tcp, it will not work, 'cause I can’t get right ice candidate.

Don’t expect much help with such a short problem description. If you cannot get the “right candidate” (whatever that means) do it right. No idea what you mean, sorry.

I don’t know how to explain situation about candidate correctly, but for sure that If my mediasoup server over nat and I use flag forceTcp = true, It will not work. I mean I can’t get video or audio stream from server. Thanks for you response!

Hard to help if you cannot explain the problem. You run the server behind NAT, you must prepare it to work with TCP as well by redirecting ports.

Mediasoup is pairing ice candidate by iceLite. There are two ways mediasoup pairs candidate or not. That means I can get right candidate which may pair candidate(I think it’s obviously) or wrong candidate and I would get problem with connection server and client(video/audio).
And I’m trying to explain. All about my server and protocol I described, I misunderstood which info you need more)
Anyway, would you mean explain me that ‘redirecting port’? What is it? Maybe you know, what should I read about it? Thanks for advice!

No idea what this means, sorry.