choose broadcast quality manually


is there a way to choose video quality manually for example choose between 360p 720p 1080p with simulcast or svc . if yes how to implement it.


I think this is what you need, consumer.setPrefferedLayers, haven’t used it myself:

That’s done client sided, when the user is selecting their device offer them the option to select different resolutions and as well frame rates. Now how much bitrate you offer them is up to you and will determine the clearness of the stream when stretched to its original outputting resolutions/rates.

Look more into GetUserMedia (GUM) and its constraints for reference.

Yes that is the good way to go if you need auto selection of quality based upon your network, but if someone needs to do it manually due to some reasons like may be he needs to deliver low quality streams on mobile then I think server side way is required to do that via some consumer’s properties I think consumer.setPrefferedLayers will do the job.