{"code":1,"message":"Session ID unknown"} - Are these normal socket.io responses?


I’m trying to debug a new, dead simple deployment on a GCP Ubuntu image.

Running the server, once i click the “Audio” or “Audio and Video” buttons from the {domain}/{roomname} URL, I see a quick flash of the room scripts load, a quick pop up “Unable to join room” and it reloads the previous URL.

Digging into this a bit, I see a bunch of queries/post/gets to:

that all have the response:
{“code”:1,“message”:“Session ID unknown”}

Which looks like it’s coming from socket.io, and there’s not much help other than “use websockets” elsewhere online…

1 - Is this normal behaviour, and so I should keep looking for my connection problems elsewhere?
2 - Any suggestions as to why this is happening… I’m using the “numb.viagenie.ca” turn server for testing, before deploying my own…


a hardware engineer

Your question is not related to mediasoup libraries by any means, sorry. We can’t help with 3rd party demos or applications.