Community means helping others, not just yourself

Hi all,

Lately, many questions are being asked in this forum, many of them not directly related to mediasoup but to other topics. I guess that most of them may be solved by just reading the extensive documentation available in the mediasoup website.

Making questions is fine. Just using the forum to make those questions and never reply nor help to others is not that fine.

We, mediasoup authors, have limited time and we are not being paid for giving free support. In order to make this forum more healthy, personally I’ll limit my participation to questions or problems that are directly related to mediasoup and its ecosystem of client side libraries. So, from now on, I won’t help in topics such as:

  • Asking for our expertise building client or server side applications. No free consultancy services here.
  • Questions about the mediasoup-demo project.
  • Questions about things that are documented in the website.
  • Questions about how to integrate external RTP libraries (FFMpeg, GStreamer) in mediasoup.
  • Generic questions about WebRTC (getUserMedia, browser permissions, browser limitations, etc).
  • Questions about mobile native development.
  • Questions about PSTN integration in mediasoup.

In addition, I will prioritize my time in helping those who help others in this forum.