ConsumerScore when piped from remote router

Perhaps this is a silly question, if so I apologise.

Let’s say we have two hosts running our media server using mediasoup.

I have a server-side Consumer instance on host A and i listen for the score event. I want to send it to client A who have the associated client-side Consumer instance.

The original server-side Producer instance is on host B.This producer is associated with a client-side Producer instance belonging to client B. Media is being piped from host B to host A.

In the score event on host A we have producerScore and producerScores attributes.

Here is the question: In this case, do the metrics represent RTP transmission quality between client B and host B? Or do they represent RTP transmission quality between host B and host A.

The latter. However, as in any digital signal transmission, the quality of the data being transmitted can never be better due to intermediaries but only equal or worse.