Same bitrate in producer and consumer stats in simulcast

hey everyone,

I have simulcast video producer with one spatial and 3 temporal layers and I have one consumer.
I set it all up and then start looking at the producer and consumer stats.
Producer is 1280x720 camera with 30 fps, the producer stats reports bitrate about 1.3m
Now on consumer side the resolution is also 1280x720, but the fps is 15 and temporal layer changed. This is all good. Except that the consumer stats report more or less the same bitrate as the producer: 1.3M

That is on consumer side I get two streams (ConsumerStat) and I use only outbound (I believe inbound is corresponding producer).

I would expect the bitrate on consumer side to be much smaller because the layer changed and the fps is reduced.

What am I missing? Thanks a lot!

The inbound stream Consumer stats provides the bitrates for each layer separately. You can see exactly the bitrate of each layer there.

Ok, got it, thanks!

I could not find it in the sources: mediasoup/Consumer.d.ts at v3 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub

But I see it in the object itself:

    "bitrate": 971440,
    "bitrateByLayer": {
      "0.0": 591981,
      "0.1": 971440,
      "0.2": 0