enableSctp option in WebrtcTransportOptions

What does enableSctp mean in WebrtcTransportOptions???

For a more specific question. When we enableSctp does it also enable Sctp for audio and video consumers/producers? Or is it strictly for dataProducers and dataConsumers?

enableSctp gives you the ability to create dataProducers/dataConsumers on that transport.

Producers and Consumers (audio and video that is) have nothing to do with this. So it’s really only if you need dataProducers and dataConsumers.

Have a look here: https://mediasoup.org/documentation/v3/communication-between-client-and-server/#creating-transports

If SCTP (WebRTC DataChannels) are desired on those transports, enableSctp must be enabled in the server side WebRTC transport (with proper numSctpStreams) and other SCTP related settings.

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