Flutter mediasoup client

Hello, owners of Mediasoup-client.

I came here with a request. I managed to finish mediasoup client and fix all major issues for all platforms except Windows (there is no unified-plan for Windows). I want to make it look like the original, but using dart features. I am currently working to make it more strongly typed.

Will you allow me to make it public? I don’t want to violate the license and don’t know much about it (laziness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I’m not sure if I understand. We, mediasoup authors, are not the authors of Bitbucket so you need to check the license of such a project or contact the author.

OK. Thank you for reply. : )

Almost done, need a couple days + testing. Made it more like mediasoup-client on js, so people will have familiar interface.

Hello, ibc.

While I was porting mediasoup I think I found an error.
in unifiedPlanUtils:92

Should be like:

const [ streamId, trackId ] = ssrcMsidLine.value.split(' ');

without [0]

No, it’s ok. We want two values as the resulting array says.

I meant that if we have a string which looks like this “asdf fdsa” and we try what inside unifiedPlanUtils the result will be:
streamId = ‘a’; trackId = ‘s’;
Because we taking first result, which is just string and taking first and second chars inside that string.

If it has to be a signle char for both streamId and trackId than it’s ok.

The code is tested, otherwise tons of things would fail.

Assuming a=msid:ykfb079iuOmfftRQQfF2jiNVMbidb5YNw6x8 1d4e65ae-1b6d-4280-860d-ba660f896df6 :

const ssrcMsidLineValue = "ykfb079iuOmfftRQQfF2jiNVMbidb5YNw6x8 1d4e65ae-1b6d-4280-860d-ba660f896df6";

const [ streamId, trackId ] = ssrcMsidLineValue.split(' ');

// => 'ykfb079iuOmfftRQQfF2jiNVMbidb5YNw6x8'

// => '1d4e65ae-1b6d-4280-860d-ba660f896df6'

As expected.

Indeed. Don’t want to annoy you more, but take a compare with this line:

const [ streamId, trackId ] = ssrcMsidLineValue.split(' ');

and line from git

In your example, there is no [0]

You are completely right. I cannot believe that this bug was not affecting VP9 with SVC. Will fix it, thanks.

Fixed here: 4908bbf7615821695944d4895772e06d33e7324d

Releasing a new version. Thanks!

Glad I was able to help

Done porting
Do you agree with the license? As I said earlier, not very experienced in this matter.

As I said, it’s not me who can say anything about the license. You should contact the author of the project you used as start point.

It’s also you : )

If you mean mediasoup-client, then of course it’d ok if you use MIT in yours.