mediasoup library for flutter (dart)?

We are interested on moving forward with our development by developing an app for our implementation of WebRTC solution, we are considering to use flutter for this. I wanted to ask if there is any intereset or ongoing project for implementing a mediasoup library for dart.

Not that has been seen or observed but truthfully think that’d be unlikely. Dart is not adopted enough… You could do it!

If it helps any, you’re not being more efficient using DART (NodeJS code only takes 1-3% from signalling/opening transports where as the worker process will EAT the %'s), it’d strictly be a comfort thing but it is more complicated and for this not necessary?


Hey @CosmosisT thanks for answering. For the backeng infrastructure we are using NodeJS and it works perfectly fine. I’m more interesed on a client-side library written in dart so it can be used for a fluttler project. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Think you might be overthinking it, check this link for more information.

You really just need to include the mediasoup client for device support and have fun, think should allow you to do that?