How do i instantiate a PlainRtpTransport in v2?

To basically get an instance of

Just how do i create it? Found no references…

My goal is to stream from ffmpeg on server, into mediasoup v2. There is an example for v3, but a big project already exists on v2 and can’t be rewritten.

I’m afraid mediasoup v2 cannot receive plain RTP. I strongly recommend you upgrading to v3 for that and many other reasons.

It’s not about “upgrading” - it’s starting a multimonth project which is already in use, from zero. OK what are other options to ingest anything from ffmpeg into v2?

We did v3 for something, including the ability to inject plain RTP into mediasoup. That’s just not possible with v2, sorry.

By the way we have migrated two big projects using mediasoup V2 to V3 in less than 2 weeks. It’s not that hard and it’s not about “starting from zero” at all.

OK, can at least the following be done: replicate the stream between two mediasoup instances? For example, to enable larger number of viewers than a single server will bear?

No, that’s a new feature in v3 as explained here.