how to stream videos and audios at constant delay

Hello, I’ve been using mediasoup to stream events live and it works fine on a stable and good connection, but I need it to work on poor connections but it didn’t do so well is there any way to achieve a stream from producer to consumer in a poor connection.

There are configurations where you can decrease a lot of traffic. Here a good start road map:

  1. Your producer must send a lower quality of camera and lower framerate, you can provide good strategies with simulcast where good connections consume better quality and poor connections lower quality, but this require additional server cpu;

  2. You can freeze cam/audio of idle speakers, and resume when they talks again;

  3. You save good bandwidth by removing monitor of connection in your project;

  4. Share minimal audio and video, try just give privileges of producer only to participant whose will really use it

RTP is constant transmission; I am unaware of adding delays outside transcoding. Delay does not mean boost in performance either. If you’re wanting users to watch stream at different times HLS/Transport Streams is the approach but you can utilize SFU for directing this setup.

For poorly connected users, they tend to drop connection and are unable to transmit RTP. Re-icing this state tends to help but establishing time-outs so it’s not exhausting mediaserver event-loops. The only way to help these users is suggesting better internet or dropping your rates, or suffering additional CPU for layers.

Overall I’ll say… Forget the users who lag, truthfully they know they lag and a site wanting near real-time it’s never going to happen unless you chunk them up and serve them with latency. But if real-time is not your goal then you could transcode but determine your setup.

I’ll say I host at 500KB/s+ (fortunately no bandwidth costs). This by 12 or 24 broadcasts is heafty but many of the cellphone providers in the states kept up to its near-abouts allowing these users a few second sync from real-time. So truthfully if too laggy I must dismiss.