Is MediaSoup library is supported in React native Mobile app ?


I am developing a chat application in react native cross platform. In that i have to implement Live broadcast (One Publisher and multiple Subscriber) feature. And same app will be developed in web app also. So live broadcast from Mobile app to web app and vice versa should work.

My query is about mediasoup - client library is giving support for implement live stream in React native mobile app ? Or is there any other library from mediasoup team providing support for live broadcast feature for react native mobile app ?
If yes than document or library link will be more appreciable to have.

Looking forward for the help.


You have not even look at the mediasoup-client documentation, right?

Hi Iñaki

I took an overview. but there is no comment i can found that it is supported for mobile app as well.
and my app will be developed using React native platform. So i wish to know that mediasoup - client will be supported in mobile app or not.

Here i have also attached the screen where i just found comment for web app only.

Would you please help me to confirm that this library will fulfill my app needs ? if yes than document or library for mobile app will be more helpful to me.

Looking forward to your reply.


Google helps here: