I have video, but no audio

I have connection with video to all clients, but there is no audio. I set audio = true in the client produce() above let stream. The audio works, but only the local video shows. The remotes are all blank.

You need to confirm DTLS was connected and the stream is sent. Remote should not be blank and if so you are dealing with two issues,

  1. Incorrectly signalling due to IP or bad code
  2. Autoplay prohibit your use client side from playing videos and all sorts!

Try debugging server/client sided code and see where you get stuck! Check connection states and see as well.

I have a similar issue video but no audio.
I am replicating mediasoup-sfu-webrtc-video-rooms/src at master · Dirvann/mediasoup-sfu-webrtc-video-rooms · GitHub demo.
i have noticed in the example after getting mediaStream from getUserMedia(), they have used getVideoTracks() or getAudioTrack() to get track which finally send to sever along with other producer options.
can we send both audio and video track in a single producer. please suggest how???

No, one producer corresponds to one audio or video track

Does that mean I have to create separate Transport for each producer (for each audio and video)? Or I have to create single transport to produce one Audio track and video Track like the below one:

const createProducer=(audioTrack, VideoTrack){
audioProducer=await producerTransport.produce(audioTrack);
videoProducer=await ProducerTransport.Producer(videoTrack)

You can and probably should use single transport

thank you for the support