iceCandidate stay in checking then disconnect in container

Hi, I am new in mediasoup (3 month) I trid hard to stublish mediasoup in docker with kubernate or docker image .
I working on this could service , if you want test on this serivce , I can increase account payment

I create simple demo with typescript that work correctly on server could
but doesn’t work on container cloud
created with react js and node js :
stay until solve my problem:
server : GitHub - hassanrahimi/serverside-mediasoup
client : GitHub - hassanrahimi/clienttsice-mediasoup

Note: open first page then open second page (must on second page start stream to show desktop on first page , my code doesn’t complete :smile: )

in signaling SDP offer and answer is stable but iceCandiate is chacking at first then disconnect
i use so stun / turn with this

hi ,mediasuap doesn’t work in this cloud service provider.
it doesn’t support hostNetwork = true in kubernate yml file at all.
you can’t create any cluster direct in it. it is just cloud service with low access.