integration with unity3d webrtc

I am looking for recommendations on how I could connect Unity3d webrtc stream to mediaSoup and whether that is a viable use case.

My use case is broadcasting from a Unity3d app to around 100 passive participants. What I have working scales to about 8 players who can actively participate and collaborate. I now want to add observers.

I had assumed I could have our C# unity app connect using WebRTC to a SFU and that the SFU would just act like any other client but that would then forward the stream to a number of participants. My hope was that the SFU would allow webbrowsers to negotatiate a connection with it, it would say it supports the codec that is being forwarded, and that a 100 browsers could get that stream from the SFU. After reading some of the documentation, I don’t think I have this picture right and was looking for pointers in the right direction.

Do people that communicate with meidaSoup have to integrate a javascript client?
Is mediaSoup not the right technology for such a usecase?


No idea about what this is.

A more specific question is whether there are ways a windows application on a separate machine can submit a stream to the mediasoup sfu similar to submitting a stream through a turnserver like co-turn. Is this possible? If not, Is there a rest api?

Unity3d is a game development sdk used in 45 percent of the worlds mobile, pc and console games. Game streaming is an idea now just growing out of Microsoft (xCloud) and google (Stadia)

My interest in mediasoup is in helping create a similar platform for highly vertical integrated training that is also broadcast to an interactive classroom

If you have read the mediasoup API then you know that mediasoup is not an HTTP server. But you can build an HTTP API server into your Node.js that runs mediasoup.