Use mediasoup client in Unity3D game engine

Can the mediasoup library be used in unity3d?


Why not?

How can it be used?

Check the documentation for libmediasoupclient: mediasoup :: v3


@nazar-pc you said it’s possible so now you have to fully explain integration of mediasoup client into whatever Unity3D game engine is.


How i can use *.hpp library in unity?

I guess you need to ask that on Unity forum…

The answer is yes, but it’s not something you can just drop in and use. You’re going to need to get libmediasoup-client compiling for each platform you plan to export your Unity game to. You’ll also need to write a C# shim to communicate between native and C#, and finally you’ll need to write logic to copy video frames from your consumer streams to textures that can be rendered in Unity.

I would expect even for a seasoned programmer with Unity native plug-in experience, that this process would take a couple of months.


Do you have any documents that helps me how to integrate mediasoup with unity