Is it possible to combine streaming and SFU connection

So what I want to do is to have in one room a few people which are sending transport do let’s call it StreamRouter, and receiving data from SFURouter and all the others are sending data to SFURouter and receiving data from both SFURouter and StreamRouter. Hopefully people which are streaming could also change during a meeting.

I am pretty new to mediasoup but after reading documentation, I think that such a scenario is possible but I hope for some confirmation.

If I understand your question, you’d need some external application connected to mediasoup for that using WebRTC or just plain RTP transport. I have done such things with GStreamer with great success, FFmpeg is another popular tool to inject/receive and possibly modify media.

Mediasoup will just forward whatever audio/video you give to it, it will not transcode, combine, crop or do anything else like that for you.