Is it possible to Recording conference call?

I have been taking streams of all peers in room, showing them in div container. I tried many ways but not able to record conference call. Do help me with this!

Look for “recording” in this forum. There are already many entries that will help you.

Hey, first of all thanks for reply. There are entries for ‘recording’ but they are for single call record not for conference call recording. I have been trying to record conference call from weeks. Do help with this!

Believe me or not, but we are not mandated to help anyone. Read the docs and related external projects.

Are you looking to record all the streams to the same file?
If so you will probably need to record the streams separately, and then use ffmpeg to merge them all into one file, which can be a nightmare.

Easiest way would probably have one user screen capture the conference and record that stream.

Recording and playback of a production-grade solution today is the single biggest weakness of MediaSoup IMO. Once that is solved it will be the best “complete” option by far.

You have to understand… as amazing as MediaSoup is, you will have to spend most of your effort and time on creating production quality recording and playback solutions. Wish it was different, but it is still way better than having to do it all.

Bottom line: There is no good solution yet, because it is so hard to do. We created a production quality solution for audio only and working on the video part next. Why don’t we share it? Well, we cannot support it in a public group and it is part of how we need to pay for all the effort to get it working in the first place :slight_smile:

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mediasoup is a media router, not a media endpoint. Recording means decoding, integration with libav, etc etc. That’s not what mediasoup is intended for.

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Completely Agree… Let me rephrase: “Recording and playback of a production-grade solution today is the single biggest weakness of MediaSoup Eco-System”

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In fairness, no–recording does not necessarily mean “decoding”. There are multiple ways to record streams, some of which do not involve decoding, but depacketization and reconstruction of compressed audio or video.

These are both of the methods used by gstreamer/ffmpeg code I’ve seen floating about–they work, although only marginally so.

That’s why we may add a “encoded frame based API” in the future.