Understanding Mediasoup 3 (Part II)

Hello guys, help me understand the working patterns of mediasoup, perhaps this can be a reference for new users. Based on the reference of my previous question I want to learn more here.

What I want to do with mediasoup?

  1. Make a video conference
  2. Record any conference

I created a schema based on what I have understood about mediasoup and what I want to do.

My Stuck :

  1. I don’t know how many producers and consumers can be created by mediasoup per router and per worker.
  2. Record video conference
  3. How to handle disconnections and reconnect between the transport producer with ffmpeg/gstreamer that is currently broadcasting and recording.

I got answer for the second stuck from here Discussion : Is it possible to Recording conference call?

Thank you so much mediasoup & all developers :two_hearts: :love_you_gesture:

  1. Forget about routers, the only thing that will limit the number of producers/consumers is the worker. So the question should be ‘how many producers/consumers a worker can support’. It depends upon the cpu capabilites, in mediasoup docs you will find that a worker can support 500 consumers and that is an estimate for a normal CPU, you can have a high end cpu which can support even more producers/consumers than 500 per worker and vice versa. So the best thing to determine that number is to get the machine you want and then stress test that to see how many producers/consumers a single worker can support on that CPU.

  2. For recording, the topic you mentioned is good, you can use ffmpeg or some other tools for that. I personally use headless browser, puppeteer at the moment to join the call as bot and record the streams, it is simple and is a good starting point.

  3. Not sure about this one haven’t used ffmpeg but there are couple of topics already for this specific thing you can check: Search results for 'ffmpeg disconnection' - mediasoup

On a side note: Not sure why you are asking about mediasoup 2 you should go for v3, is it mediasoup v2 or the 2 in topic title means the second topic? If later one then you should change the topic title as the 2 in the topic title is confusing.

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Sorry I made ambigous title :joy:
I mean this the second question from me to understanding about mediasoup.

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That’s a cool diagram. If you were looking to expand it, the next thing I would think to add is pipe transports between routers on the same host, and then network pipe transports between routers on different hosts. That concept is hard to convey without some kind of visualization, at least to me. With all the different ways mediasoup can be hooked up, you could easily spend many days creating the most commonly needed arrangements. Message me if you have any questions about the network pipe transport stuff and I’ll do what i can to help fill out your graph :slight_smile:

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