Is mediasoup rust ready for production use?

Is mediasoup rust ready for production use?

It is used in production already if you are asking about that.

Also it is feature-complete and on par in terms of APIs with TypeScript, there are no major issues I am aware of.

So yeah, I would say it is (I am the creator of Rust version).

Great, thanks :wink:

Hi, I’m curious about current mediasoup rust async runtime choice which currently is from smol project. While I’m implementing signaling mechanism using a tokio based axum web framwork. So my question is, mediasoup rust doesn’t seem to provide an async runtime choice for users which in my case the application may result in running with two async runtimes. And lastly, can you share why you are choosing smol than any other async runtimes? Thanks!

Mediasoup Rust only uses libraries it needs. It doesn’t use smol, it uses some of the libraries that smol and async-std happen to use too.

With Rust updates and optimizations around communication performance by nazar-pc · Pull Request #666 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub file descriptors are no longer used for communication with worker (replaced with direct FFI function calls), so there is just one extra executor running, but no async runtime. If you have such executor for other purposes already - you can inject it, otherwise there will be one more thread spawned primarily to manage async channels.

This way you can use mediasoup with any runtime you like or even without one.

Haha, thanks for your answer! I was asking a novice question.