is producer.stats affects consumer.stats ?

Hi everyone : )

Using RTC Statistics provided by mediasoup, I am trying to diagnose user network problems. I found that network issues on the sender’s side affect the receiver’s statistics. For example testing with two devices, when I apply 50% of packet loss on the sender side (producer stats) it shown up in the reciver stats (rtp-outbound part of the consumer stats) but not exactly the same number (26% in my test). This also happens with jitter and roundTripTime sometimes.

In that case, what would be the best way for a receiver to get pure statistics (independent of his or her sender stats) and to provide feedback about his or her network situation?

Why don’t you check your server and see why it’s lagging like that?

Perform a trace route at for a while and see what it reveals, try different end-points over.

Specific user lag you can’t worry about, nor is it worth it to monitor and report back especially if they’re lagging haha…

I will mention some tips that help all my chatters though,

  1. If on WIFI make sure you’re on 5GHz as 2.4GHz drops and isn’t real-time.
  2. Reboot your modem as majority of household modems use Puma 6 Chipset and packet-loss kicks in.
  3. Make sure CPU isn’t 100% used and network download/upload are good enough for what you’re pushing.

Beyond that, not much you can do, don’t find reasons to tell them their setup is crappy haha.

@BronzedBroth thanks but i think you miss understand my question.

my question: is how can i calculate pure packetLoss percentage of consumer stats without affecting by producer packetLoss .

UPDATE: problem is just for packetLoss and not jitter and RTT