Is there a way to use mediasoup server side implementation only without using mediasoup-client ?

Is there a way to use mediasoup server side implementation without using mediasoup-client ? Our solution consist of existing implementation ( web/iOS/Android ) in which custom MCU is used on server side. We want to get rid of it and plugin Mediasoup SFU without making any changes on the client side as migrating users is a great headache. Humbly enquiring is there a way possible to leverage mediasoup SFU using Vanilla WebRTC without using any client-side mediasoup SDK ?

You could avoid using mediasoup-client, but you would need to implement your own client side implementation following the same internal protocol.

No, there’s no magic plug&play solution.

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Hi @ibc/@jmillan ,

Humbly requesting if by any chance you come across any broker who can do this job at server side? We can use plain vanilla webrtc at client side and broker can translate it mediasoup complaint internal protocol.

Please, no direct mentions in the forum. There is many people here, not just Jose and me.

Requesting apology to everyone but humbly speaking query still stands there that can we use plain vanilla webrtc at client side and broker on server side that can translate mediasoup complaint internal protocol while talking to mediasoup-server?

Kindly don’t consider my request rude.

There is a “Job Opportunities” section on the forum where you can request someone to do this for you for a reward.

You can also use this code I put together a while ago to convert ORTC into SDP: mediasoup-sdp-serializer.ts · GitHub
And use available Open Source libraries to parse SDP and convert it to ORTC interface mediasoup expects too.

In the end with those 2 pieces you can put together the whole puzzle and get things going without mediasoup-client and it will work in most cases. But you’ll have to debug and maintain that on your own.

Thanks Nazar, it really helped. I shall definitely look into the repository pointed here.

Requesting others as well if they can point out other relevant work in this direction, it would be a great help.

Openvidu-browser team (I am the lead) has implemented a server side module that can be used with standard WebRTC SDP offer / answer. It uses internally the code from mediasoup-client to parse and generate SDPs.

It is a work in progress and it lacks documentation, but it works in our limited use case (no SDP renegotiation and only one audio and one video track per Transport).

We have the code contributed to the mediasoup project in this PR (review pending): [WIP] Implementation proposal by j1elo · Pull Request #2 · versatica/mediasoup-sdp-bridge · GitHub

The code is included in OpenVidu as part of the brand new mediasoup support. If you want more information you can learn more here OpenVidu 2.19.0: mediasoup beta support | by OpenVidu | Jul, 2021 | Medium


HI Micael,

Thanks for the update. Can we use vanilla WebRTC on client side and this mediasoup-sdp-bridge on the server side to interact mediasoup media server w/o using OpenVidu ?

We would also explore OpenVidu in future but on immediate basis we need one bridge which has no further dependency but help vanilla webrtc client to connect with mediasoup for establishing a call.


Yes, that is the point of mediasoup-sdp-bridge.

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