Video from UV4L-server WebRTC to Mediasoup possible?


I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a raspicam/mic/speakers running uv4l-server. UV4L has an integrated WebRTC server with a simple WebSocket signalling protocol that does SDP offer/answer. (I do want 2-way real-time communication with the raspi, before anyone suggests gstreamer or something.)

I would like to somehow get the stream from UV4L into mediasoup. Unfortunately, UV4L is closed source so I cannot integrate mediasoup libraries directly. I was wondering if it would be possible to use parts of mediasoup-client to basically proxy the SDP/ORTP communication and setup a WebRTCTransport connection anyway.

I’m new to mediasoup, so any guidance on whether this is possible or how to begin would be appreciated.

Thank you

You can use mediasoup-client internal utils in your server to make a SDP<->ORTC “gateway”. This is complex stuff and requires good knowledge of mediasoup, mediasoup-client internals, RTP and SDP. You can look at this project as reference: