Issue with Infinite Loop During mediasoup Service Startup


I am currently facing an issue while starting up my mediasoup service. When I run the command docker/ to start the service, I get what seems to be a correct output, but the process appears to end up in an infinite loop without receiving any errors or interruptions.

The output I receive is a series of lines indicating the correct startup of the mediasoup server, such as:

makefileCopy code

mediasoup-demo-server:INFO creating Express app…
mediasoup-demo-server:INFO running an HTTPS server…
mediasoup-demo-server:INFO running protoo WebSocketServer…

This output continues indefinitely without encountering any errors or issue notifications.

Versions Used:

  • npm: 10.4.0
  • Node.js: v18.19.1

I have checked the service configuration and environment variables, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. I have also examined the source code of the service, but I cannot pinpoint the cause of this abnormal behavior.

Could you kindly provide assistance on how to resolve this issue? I am available to provide further details or necessary information.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

I’ve resolved the issue; it was related to the firewall blocking port 4443. Now it’s working correctly. It’s an excellent script, very well-made.