Large Scalability

Hi guys . Is this possible to make 4 speakers and 50k+ viewers app using mediasoup ?

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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:grinning: thanks to confirm ,so basically i need multiple physical servers and need to connect them via pipeTransport ? am i right ?

If you want low-latency then yes, but you will probably also need to have multiple tiers of servers to fan-out distribution. Also think if you actually need extremely low latency and if you want to send source streams or maybe combine them into one and distribute combined stream instead.

This is non-trivial stuff once you get into it.

Ok thanks to guide me :slightly_smiling_face: .

Hi @nazar-pc,
how many of servers OK to connect with pipeTransport before going multi tiers?

There can’t be simple answer for such question. Conduct tests on your setup with your hardware.

@nazar-pc, I understand but from your expirience/feeling?
Also answer like up to 20 nodes go with pipeTransport after it go multi tier.
For our system in small scale running with 15 producers rtc, and like 20 webrtc consumer on 10$ machine with 2GB ram and 5% cpu load, hard to estimate ether.

If you have multiple producers, you’ll most likely want to combine them into single stream and distribute combined stream instead. It will add a bit of latency, but will save a ton of bandwidth in return and will improve scalability greatly.

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