mediasoup-client-aiortc released

mediasoup-client-aiortc is a mediasoup-client handler for aiortc Python library, suitable for building Node.js apps that exchange real audio/video/datachannel (read from mic/webcam, multimedia files or HTTP streams) with mediasoup using real WebRTC transports.

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Wow! So we have a server side client now, right? Does it support all the features of the mediasoup-client (e.g. produce, consume, etc)?

It supports everything. It’s been added to the mediasoup-demo project as well.

Great. Specially the support for streaming from file is awesome. Can’t wait to try it. :smiley:
Thank you team. :+1: :+1:

Streaming a local mp4 file containing stereo audio and video to the mediasoup-demo server:

Apparently aiortc is using FFmpeg for file streaming and AFAIK FFmpeg does not support RTCP feedback (i.e. NACK, PLI). How did you find it in bad network conditions?

aiortc uses FFmpeg for media processing purposes. FFmpeg It’s not part of the RTC stack.

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