mediasoup-client-aiortc: VIDEO and audio MediaPlayer

When I use aiortc python to connect to mediasoup with a USB camera,
I met a problem, my configuration is as follows:

player = MediaPlayer("vidio=Logitech HD Webcam C270",format="dshow",options={'video_size':'640*480','rtbufsize':'2147.48M','pix_format':'yuv'})

I can see the video but no audio ?

I try as follows
player = MediaPlayer(“vidio=麦克风 (HD Webcam C270)”,format=“dshow”,options={‘video_size’:‘640*480’,‘rtbufsize’:‘2147.48M’,‘pix_format’:‘yuv’})

I can hear the voice ,but no video

my question is how can I merger it ? what is the syntax ? I can not find the answer in aiortc help document.

Thanks u all!