mediasoup-demo with End-to-End encryption with WebRTC Insertable Streams

e2e (end-to-end) encryption added to mediasoup-demo app (by @vpalmisano):

Just replace YOUR_ROOM_ID and YOUR_KEY with your own values and open the link in two Chrome/Canary tabs. If you remove e2eKey from the URL params in one of the tabs and reload it, you will just listen to and see garbage.

Related issue in GH: Support End-to-End Encryption with WebRTC Insertable Streams · Issue #383 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub


It works on Google Chrome stable (89.0.4389.90) :wink:


Great work @vpalmisano. The demo is working like a charm in my Google Chrome stable (89.0.4389.90). I am running chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
While trying the demo for a couple of times initially, the demo crashed my chrome with error code as SIGSEGV. It only happened initially for 3 to 4 times and after that it started working fine.
Can there be a logic for such a behavior of my chrome?

Maybe related to Chrome. Try enabling logs from command line and send a bug report to

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Yes, please, mediasoup contributors are not responsible of Chrome/libwebrtc bugs. Do not do bypass. Please, report to Chrome or libwebrtc projects.

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