Mediasoup example

Don’t know if this is the proper category to put this.

If it is of interest, you can put multiparty-meeting into the examples of mediasoup. It started as a fork of mediasoup-demo something like 2 years ago, but has evolved quite a bit since.

I also have a stripped down mediasoup-demo fork, but using socketio, if that is of interest.


Dear havfo:

 Sorry to bother you!
 When I run your multiparty-meeting demo on github, I met some difficulties.    as your guides,  when I finish the configurations.  no matter run in local or server mode, the demo can not  enter the room when I press the button. and the post request is directed to when i  install it on the local server, whether the multiparty-meeting server  address need to be changed to mine or not.    I really need your instruction!

  Thank you for your suggestions!

Best Wishes!

Please take issues about multiparty-meeting in the github issue tracker. This forum is about mediasoup.

Thank you , i have put the questions on the github. thank you again!

Thanks, added.

Link seems to be wrong at:


The github link still appears wrong for me…

Forgot to deploy, done.

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