Example one to many broadcasting demo for learning purposes

Hi Team, in my course of learning mediasoup, i’ve read the docs and also saw some example projects that have helped me to learn a bit about mediasoup but i will be very happy && grateful if i can get my hands on a one-many broadcasting demo, ive tried doing it all by myself but am stuck at the point where i can’t move further without someone inspecting me and my code but a demo of one-many example will go a long way in me becoming a good mediasoup programmer, am relatively new and some concepts are mind blowing to me - thanks mediasoup team

@admins please add mediasoup-broadcast-example to https://mediasoup.org/documentation/examples/ it really helped me figure things out, thanks for your wisdom to create this wonderful library

its v2 example . if you want scalability you should use v3 .

its v2 example

Correct. Please use v3 if you look for scalability and community support.