Mediasoup functionality disabled

I have implemented the roles functionality in mediasoup.
When 1st user enter the room, the room will locked through Socket and if 1st user is host then host will logged in to the system. And after that, other users room is locked and host will allow the user to enter the room. And functionality works fine.

But if 1st user is simple user, and the room is locked through Socket. The 1st user is entered to the room. But when host will try to enter, he entered the room but all the functionality like mic, camera, chat, screenshare everything will stop. And if other user try to logged in, the room is locked and no one will there to allow the user.

Is there anything which I missed?

I do not really see how this is related to mediasoup libraries :roll_eyes:

Yeah, it does not.

This sounds like something in your signaling layer is mixing up the clients.

I’m not sure I can fix the issue, but running mediasoup with debug flags will likely show you some errors or oversights. I believe you just need to add DEBUG=“mediasoup:*” as an environmnet variable to your server run time. This should highlight anything that is not connected or fails to connect etc.

Yes, I add console in lockRoom Socket function. Some time it says “no Socket available” and some time it says “request time out in Socket”

Nobody here knows what “lockRoom Socket function” is, sorry. This is not a forum for generic questions about Node apps.

i have tried this also. When the functionality breaks, then there is no consoles on server. I think, its not connected with the socket.

I am getting this error for 2nd user, when i called socket function on mediasoup app index file.

Error is:

SocketTimeoutError: Request timed out
at https://localhost:4443/static/js/main.chunk.js:610:16

Nobody here knows how you “mediasoup app index” file looks like. Please, don’t ignore the responses telling you that this is not related to mediasoup.

May b you don’t understand the question. In mediasoup, if 2nd user try to login then this error occured.

SocketTimeoutError: Request timed out
at https://localhost:4443/static/js/main.chunk.js:610:16

If the room is already locked through socket notification.

mediasoup does not include any “lock room feature” so this is just about your custom app code.

Ok… and what about this error
When i get device from mediasoup through this function new mediasoupClient.Device(), then i get this error in device object.

[Exception: InvalidStateError: not loaded at Device.get rtpCapabilities [as rtpCapabilities] (https://localhost:4443/static/js/3.chunk.js:40908:30) at Device.invokeGetter (:1:142)]

Do you know about this?

And i am also getting

SocketTimeoutError: Request timed out
at https://localhost:4443/static/js/main.chunk.js:610:16

Go ask your quesion on and post your code there. This is related to sockets, nothing tp do with mediasoup.