medisoup multiple consumer receiving mechanism

producer one-way streaming,multiple consumer,The network conditions of multiple consumers are different, how does the mediasoup handle it ?In addition, will the producer adjust parameters due to the network status of the consumer?

help help :grinning:

MediaSoup will do its best, there’s no worry there. The producer is never controlled by any consumers, if the network quality is poor then such will reflect for all parties or the individuals experiencing it.

Not entirely true. If many consumers have downlink problems and loose packets they will ask for many key frames to the producer and that means higher traffic from sender to mediasoup.

That’s true. With that said, could clients exploit this and purposely lag themselves to ruin user experience? I haven’t seen it in tests or live.

You mean the other users in the call? I think one user is lagging then it can’t ruin the experience of other users, as per ibc the sender may have to send more to the server. That can cause some extra data on the server network and some CPU, but CPU shouldn’t be that much up because of this. Is this right @ibc ?