Mixing 2 videos in one ?

I don’t known if Mediasoup could help me with our new project:
We would like someone make a live video from his mobile phone, and we would like to include dynamic text content in the live video (scores), then to publish this mixed content to others WebRTC clients.
Is it possible ?

There is nothing in the mediasoup website documentation about “mixing 2 videos”, right?

You can do that in client side. I’m afraid this is not a forum for generic WebRTC questions or random questions about mediasoup without reading it’s documentation.

Thanks @ibc for your answer.
I’m just asking in case of, this could be useful to mix/alter a video in the mediasoup server before sending it to other peers… and as I’ve already done a project in Mediasoup v2 and known the v3 was really more powerful, I’ve supposed this could be included.
Thanks again for your quick answer,

mediasoup is a SFU. It will never mix videos. If you want to modify a video or mix 2 videos in server side, you can consume() the desired videos from a mediasoup Router, modify/mix them in your own RTP endpoints (maybe FFMpeg or GStreamer based, etc), produce() back the resulting video to the mediasoup Router, and make your viewers consume() such a video instead of the original one(s).

mediasoup provides you with all the APIs to do that. However it won’t do it for you since it’s a SFU and the aim of the project is to be small, do something specific and do it well.

Ok, thanks for theses precisions! :slight_smile: