native mediasoup application

Hi All,
I’m trying to create a new mediasoup application.
I want to know if there is a simple implementation of it, a guide to manage the audio/video inputs/outputs, a name of a library to encode/decode the video/audio of the client.

My idea is to develop a client using QT, but every advice is accepted.

Thank you very much

check the examples page

here is an example of a simple implementation

I saw your examples, but they are written in js.
I need an implementation in c/c++.
Thank you very much

Do you need a server or client?
I guess client, for which there is libmediasoupclient in C++:

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Hi, I will use this lib, I’m trying to understand mediasoup-broadcaster-demo.
I need an example about the management of the mic+cam and the decoding of the video/audio from libmediasoupclient/libwebrtc.


Unsure what you mean with “management”, but this is beyond libmediasoup’s scope. Anyhow the mediasoup-broadcaster-demo contains a full example on how to send video and audio. It’s up to you to plug in whatever other audio or video you want your app to send.

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sorry, management is a wrong word, I meant “I need to manage”.

do you know if the video/audio are synchronized?
do you know which is the buffer of the ingoing audio/video?
do you know how I can hook the camera and/or the mic?

My idea is that at the end I can share my native application written in Qt with you. I mean a simple version.

Thanks a lot

It’s been said here before: at some moment you should start reading and understanding the code. I think that moment is already overdue.

ok, I tried…
I’m reading the documentation, of course a complete starting point is better.
I will share the code at the end.
thank you very much

Those are too many and generic questions too much related to libwebrtc and not to mediasoup or libmediasoupclient.