One-to-Many with Mediasoup (Livestreaming)


in my Master’s theses i am testing some open Source Media server for One-to-many-Scenario (Livestreaming). I wonder if i can just use the mediasoup-demo and turn off the audio and video for all receivers. Has that the same effect as implementing a demo, where only one person can publish ?
And an ongoing question, does someone has such a One-to-may application ?

Best regards and thanks for your time and help.

Turning off audio, video of all receivers alone will not give you livestreaming like functionality. You will have to change some code like setting who is broadcaster and who are receivers and also the ui in the demo it is making boxes for each participant you need only one box which is of the broadcaster.

Some good information regarding livestreaming stuff can be found here:

To be honest, i dont have the time anymore to implement such a demo. Does anyone have a demo ? It should be the simplest case with one mediasoup-instance and up to 150 receivers for one Broadcast.

There is this broadcasting demo:

You can find more examples here:

Couldn’t find anything else apart from that.

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