Open webcam server crash

On Ubuntu 14.01 run mediasoup-demo server success. but when join the room and open webcam,Error enabling webcam:Error:500

At the same time. server crash.

If only open auido, its ok!but open webcam , server crash and websocket disconnected!!

What’s the problem

You don’t even tell gcc or clang versions used to compile mediasoup. From the log it’s clear that it’s due to a non supported gcc version. Check mediasoup Installation requirements in the website and paste your versions here.

Thank you for your reply!!

when compile mediasoup,its no problem.
my versions.

Not enough. I dind’t say that just because mediasoup compiles it’s ok.

Enter mediasoup-demo/server/node_modules/mediasoup/worker/, run make and paste the first 20 lines of the output.

Ubuntu 14.01 for gcc 4.8,compile fail. then upgrade gcc 5.0 ,compile pass.
run make

Honestly I don’t know. The issue about “invalid regex” is a well known issue when using gcc < 4.9. In your last screenshoot (why don’t you just paste text?) it looks like you are “selecting” gcc 5.0 but I don’t know what your system is then doing or which libs it take later when you run mediasoup.

Here a related issue that was fixed by requiring gcc >= 4.9:

No idea what to do in your case. Try uninstalling gcc and g++ < 5.

thinks, i will try g++ 4.9

I didn’t say “try gcc 4.9”. Any version > 4.8 should be fine. I just said “uninstall gcc 4.8 and g++ 4.8 from your system completely and recompile mediasoup”.

ok, I will try