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I have been at this for months, trialing different configurations and it wasn’t easy but I think I can explain this for you guys nicely. Here’s my numbers though first and just scale them up!

Bitrate: 10000000 (I/O)
Cores: 2 (1 for producer 1 for consumer)

1 core = 12 viewers (6 broadcasts)
4 core = 24 viewers (12 broadcasts)

User Weight for Viewers (Bitrate had affected these results more than CPU could):
12 viewers = 1 weight
24 viewers = 2 weight
36 viewers = 3 weight
48 viewers = 4 weight
60 viewers = 5 weight
72 viewers = 6 weight

So how this weight system works is, your consumer server is rated 6/6 total space per core, if producer needs to be sent out to 24 people you’ll cost the consumer server 2 slots, if 12 then 1 slot.

So a single consumer core here will allow 12 viewers to view 6 cameras/audio without issue. Some adjustments however to ensure no buffer problems/etc.

Producer server will get its first broadcast and wait till a user comes to view, a first attempt at creating the pipetransport will be made with the consumer server and then the request if no stream exists to have it re-produced for the user and remembered for the next connections.

If all of the viewers leave the consumer server for the producer resets unless there is an active broadcast elsewhere (like different room).

So if you’re a user hanging alone on camera it shouldn’t cost a viewers’ server anything.

The numbers are not perfect, but it could be interesting for those to know during my tests CPU would not maintain a consistent % to user-count; there was at least a few factors to involve/consider but maybe if I sort that, these numbers will be much getter.

Now additional if I were to add more power to this, it’d be to have producer able to use 2 or more consumer-servers or more than 6 weight for the big rooms.

Enjoy that guys,

So I’ve been testing this for weeks, it’s perfect however some issues and improvements needed to ensure this works better but here it goes the list.

  • Where weight is greater than 2 treat it as individual points to 100% fill servers but to further allow them to continue with their consumption.
  • Separate the screen share from the broadcasts via server and change their weight factors, reason for this is higher bitrate and more usage on CPU however if you set at least one per room, by fill-up it’s AOK.
  • If you are planning on tier system, in my case tier 1 is 6x12 and tier 2 is 12x24; ensure you close room and re-open it if a tier is changed to not lose the consumer servers. :wink:

Dropped bitrate so it’s now up-to 800Kb/s but plan is to ensure the screen shares can have 1-4mbp/s

Tests so far have shown that what I list initially is correct and I can scale like this, media-soup on every CPU core (not much variance) had capability of delivering up-to 140 total audio and/or video transports. Across four cores up to 560 transports.

On 1gbp/s networks I was pulling around maximum (combined across all interfaces) 150Mbp/s. Daily I use about 1-20TB per server depending on if it gets used, overall for 100 or less, up-to 10-20TB bandwidth daily and if higher, well you can guess.

If you guys need more information ask. This setup allows me to overload a zone at a time, a zone being my broker handler (main signalling server).

Cheers, I’ll be hitting thousands of users soon and the imrpovement coming soon will make this run better and at full use.

If this is something you guys want to learn more about, my goal is to release a small demo of the idea simplified with of coarse the help of you guys if you think we can advance this balancing system across networks. (Demo may take up to a few months or stay as a discussion here but those venturing the many by many will love this).

I will add this as a disclaimer for those wanting to do major broadcasting, most hosts will not provide you unlimited bandwidth and even on the softest setups it could cost you thousands. Don’t become that victim, Digital Ocean almost did it to me during testing/setup (but switched to Tier 1 hosting).

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Super interested in this. Please provide link to a demo / your setup.

I currently live test on users (and their rooms). Site is set for registered users only, and wouldn’t show much of this concept off however it’d look clean the streams noticeably.

Unfortunately a demo is not possible at this time, I will happily talk about it however and answer questions. If there’s ideas throw them down.

This project is rather large so I’m by no means ready to write any demo for users to simplify this just yet. Hopefully explained well enough for developers to take a poke and see what’s up. :slight_smile:

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