Plugging into a CDN

I would like to know if it is possible to plug mediasoup into an existing webrtc CDN.
Idea is to scale for VIEWERS on the CDN and handle publishers on Mediasoup side
Example: 20 publishers in a room, and 5000 viewers on the CDN viewing those publishers.
What is the best approach to do so?

Any thought?

I’m really curious about this.

In theory, you can have a producer sending video to mediasoup app and the mediasoup app would forward that to the CDN somehow.
Users would get video/audio streams from the CDN. My question is how to identify it, I’m guessing there would be some sort of identifier that is common between the mediasoup app and the CDN.

This is just theoretical from my part. Is there any CDN you recommend, self-hosted or as a service?

Yes I am interested to know if it is possible to forward the audio/video publishers to a given CDN. Appreciate some help regarding integrating mediasoup with CDNs, (If any have done that)