Question about disableTrackOnPause

I am interested in the zeroRtpOnPause used in combination with disableTrackOnPause producer options.

The API docs mention that zeroRtpOnPause[…](will internally call rtpSender.replaceTrack(null) , so just available in modern WebRTC implementations)”.

Does the modern WebRTC implementation requirement refers only to the producer, or also to the consumer? I mean if the sending side replaces the track with null, the consumer side has to know how to deal with this, no?

Not related to the Consumer at all. It will just stop receiving RTP packets when the sender pauses, no matter Producer settings.

Will this also prevent Chrome from showing the webcam/microphone icon in the tab bar (notifying the user their device is in use), when setting both disableTrackOnPause and zeroRtpOnPause to true?

In Chrome the mic is un-notified when calling track.enabled = false. For the webcam this is not true (yet), but it’s true in Firefox.

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