RTP Payload type of 35

One of the libraries that we are potentially using to send RTP packets to a plain transport using raw h264 only sends the the RTP headers with a payload type of 35.

I know looking through the documentation on the RtpCodecCapability that it states that the router dynamically assigns the preferredPayloadType if it is not set, and that it will be in the range of 96-127.

Is there a way of allowing the media soup router to pass the RTP packets to a producer with a codec of payload type 35? I’m fully expecting the answer to be know, but I thought I would ask.

Thank you for a great tool.


35 is not common, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It is just a number.

A payload type of 35 is undefined in the RTP spec, and I know that media soup tries to adhere to the spec as close as possible.

Hace you actually tried it?

Yes, I’ve set the preferredPayloadType to 35 in the router codec configuration, and I constantly get this error message in the logs with every UDP packet received :
mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:49] RTC::Transport::ReceiveRtpPacket() | no suitable Producer for received RTP packet [ssrc:1642420806, payloadType:35]

Well, please check the documentation. The sender can send whatever payload type number, no need for it to match the value in the media codecs given to the Router.

So the rtpParameters you gave to transport.produce() are wrong (at least regarding the codec payload type).