Munge codec pt in SDP

Hi there, I have a situation, where I need to have very consistent payload types, arcoss all my clients. I have checked the clent library code, and it seems, like it ingnores preferredPayloadType, taking into account only codec and just takes what client produces by default. Would it be safe, to munge SDP between createOffer and setLocalDescription, and set desired pt?

I’m afraid there is absolutely no reason to do that and we are not gonna do it in mediasoup-client.

Sorry, of course, i didn’t meant you to do anything in your library, my question was is it safe, by your or any one else expirince. There are some situations, where you want to create gstreamer pipeline ahead of time, and then produce media to it. Pipeline require pt to be specified in caps section, but we don’t know it yet, becasue no one is producing anything yet, so, when some one will start sending media I want to make sure, that they will use pt that is already specified in already running gsreamer pipeline.

No matter which PT each Producer uses, Consumers will always use the preferredPayloadType given to mediasoup Router in media codecs in worker.createRouter().

I am sorry, I am not sure how is that? I would very much appreciate, if you could eleborate a bit on this. Mediasoup does rewrite pt number based on consumer settings, regardless of what producer produces? Is that a fair understanding of what was said above?

I’m pretty sure this is documented somewhere in the website:

mediasoup rewrites pt number based on Router media codecs, regardless of what Producer produces.

Thanks a lot for your answer, that helped me a lot! I was thinking that ms just forwarding packets. Again, thank you very much.